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Steel structures

Specialized steel structures dedicated to industry and construction.

Design, fabrication and installation of industrial steel structures.

Specialized steel structures are an integral part of acoustic protection. NovaSound’s many years of experience in contracting, has resulted in the ability to provide comprehensive services in the prefabrication of steel structures.

We make steel structures, among others. As:

Industrial Structures:

  • specialized structures under technology,
  • Enclosures and fences for machinery and equipment,
  • Support structures for chimneys and pipelines,
  • low and high-pressure tanks.

Cubic structures:

  • Substructures for air handling units and stairs,
  • consoles for ventilated facades,
  • Steel attic structures and shield screens,
  • rooftop noise barriers,
  • acoustic and P.P.O.Z. doors.

Infrastructure Structures:

  • poles for noise barriers,
  • Handrails, stairs and steel footbridges,
  • Doors for noise barriers, door spans, overhead and swing gates.

Components for automotive:

  • suppressors,
  • shock absorbers.

Welding services.

We have qualified staff with years of experience working for the largest . We perform welding with technology:

  • MIG 131
  • MAG 135/138
  • TIG 141

As a result, we are able to manufacture steel structures from materials such as low carbon steel, boiler steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

We specialize in welding of steel structures based on the PN-EN 1090 standard