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Industrial acoustic silencers

dedicated to flue gas systems of boilers and cogeneration units

Technical and legal advice

We know all about acoustics - both in the context of technical advice and analysis of legal aspects in terms of meeting required sound levels in the environment and at workplaces. We provide our customers with comprehensive and reliable assistance.

Design and manufacturing

Not only are we the manufacturer of the solutions offered, but we are also involved in the design and interprofessional coordination of projects in acoustics, technology and construction.

Installation and service

Our experienced team is able to install anything we produce. We offer comprehensive support for the supplied silencers, both during the warranty and post-warranty period. Our service works for you 24 hours a week - so we are always able to be on time when the situation requires it.

Investments in the power industry

We have handled the design and supply of acoustic silencers for more than 64 boiler and cogeneration unit exhaust systems.

Acoustic innovations

Thanks to the innovative layout of the filling layers and the appropriately shaped acoustic structures inside the silencer, we are able to achieve an efficiency of DipS=55 dB

Modern solutions

Our suppressors are equipped with solutions to ensure that all components inside the suppressor can work at operating temperatures up to 550oC



At NovaSound, we deal with noise comprehensively: we supply and install exhaust silencers that work in the most demanding industrial environments. We individually tailor the solution to the customer’s specific needs. Thanks to the wide range of solutions offered, we are able to meet the most difficult and complex problems in the field of industrial acoustics.

The silencers we produce are used as an effective solution to the problem of noise generated by exhaust gas flowing through the chimney.

Our acoustic silencers can withstand the most demanding operating conditions posed by high temperature (up to 650oC), humidity and corrosive environment (up to C5i) .

Exhaust silencers are widely used in the power industry as components of discharge systems, among others. From gas boilers, cogeneration units, coal-fired boilers.

As part of the supply of acoustic attenuators, we carry out a range of attenuator design and testing work:

  • numerical acoustic analyses
  • CFD analyses of the flow of the medium stream
  • workshop design – taking into account all individual needs of the Employer
  • solutions in accordance with the requirements of the standard: PN-EN ISO 14163:2008

Another of our products are silencers dedicated to installation on fresh steam outlets, mainly installed in classic power plants and thermal power plants.


NovaSound creates tailor-made solutions for our customers. Our noise dampers are used on ventilation inlet and outlet ducts [including systems with the highest capacities such as mine main ventilation fans]. The silencers we offer are designed with the utmost care to maintain the maximum allowable flow resistance at the highest possible efficiency.

Appropriate shaping and location of the inlet/outlet from the silencer ensures effective reduction of sound levels at the set measurement points.

Our ventilation attenuators undergo a series of tests on actual models, as we have our own reverberation chamber, where we test both the materials used to fill the attenuators and the entire finished products.

This allows you to be sure that the resulting product is 100% as intended at the numerical design stage.

In particular, we pay attention to the tightness of the connections and the reduction of self vibration of the acoustic dampers. All of our silencers are equipped with appropriate safeguards against the transmission from the ducts to the silencer and the silencer’s own vibrations.

Slot dampers are used in soundproofing, among other applications:

  • HVAC systems
  • acoustic enclosures
  • compressor/machinery rooms
  • cogeneration units


Our dampers can be part of more complex systems involving:

  • integrated heat exchangers,
  • steam generators,
  • catalytic converters.

Our experienced engineering staff is able to propose solutions to maximally reduce the discharge of pollutants into the environment, as well as to enable the use of the flue gases themselves in processes to increase the energy efficiency of the entire investment.

Our special silencers can be equipped with a number of additional features, such as integrated fans or monitoring of exhaust gas composition.

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